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DarkRP Rules
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These rules should be followed at all times, ignorance of the rules is not a reason to break them.

Punishments are highlighted in Red

Section 1 - Common DarkRP Terms
Section 2 - General Rules
Section 3 - Sit Rules
Section 4 - Prop Abuse
Section 5 - Lockdown rules
Section 6a - Base Rules
Section 6b - Megabase Rules
Section 7 - Job Rules
Section 8 - Advert Rules
Section 9 - Exploits

Section 1 - Common DarkRP Terms

  • NLR: New Life Rule - When you die in a raid you cannot return to that base until the raid is over.
  • RDM: Random Deathmatch - Killing someone anyone without a purpose.
  • RDA: Random Arrest - Arresting a player without a valid RP reason.
  • KOS: Kill on Sight - Pretty self-explanatory.
  • NITRP: No Intent to Role-Play
  • FailRP: Roleplaying in an unrealistic manner.
  • FearRP: Not used.
  • OOC: Out of Character - i.e. // or /OOC
  • Metagaming: Using any form of communication to give you additional information that you would not have normally, e.g using Discord
  • LTAP: Leaving to Avoid Punishment - Closing the game or changing your name to avoid punishment, this will result in a 3-day ban.
  • AOS: Arrest on sight - Also pretty self-explanatory.
  • FDA: Fading Door Abuse - Abusing your fading door via the assigned key in RP situations.
  • FTWAC: Failure to Wait Advert Cooldown - Using the same advert before it's cooldown is up

Section 2 - General Rules

Do not RDM or Attempt to RDM without a VALID roleplay reason. Killing someone without will lead to a 180 second jail and warn (1 player)/ 320 second jail and warn (2 players) / 1 week ban (3+ players) / Permanent (5+ players). 

Do not Arrest without a VALID roleplay reason. Randomly arresting someone without will lead to a 180 second jail and warn / 320 second jail and warn / 1 week ban.  

Respect all players, harassing a player in any way (Racial / Sexual / Religious) of other players will result in a 5 minute mute / gag.

Do not break NLR, NLR only applies during ANY kind of raid, you must wait until the raid is over before returning to your base after dying, failing to do so will result in a 180-second jail + 45 seconds per person killed.

Racial slurs in any way, shape, or form are NOT allowed and using them will result in a 5 minute mute / gag.

Do not mic spam, unless you're a hobo, hobos cannot play ear rape and must follow ALL other rules. Ear rape as a hobo and mic spamming as another job will result in a 5 minute gag.

Do not build inappropriate things, doing so will result in a warn / 180-second jail / 1-day ban.

Do not be a minge, i.e. have no intent to roleplay, excessive minging will result in a verbal warning / kick / 1-day ban.

You cannot have names which make it hard for staff to bring you to a sit unless they contain a variation that makes them able to target you, "✪" alone would not be allowed, but "✪ AvarianKnight" would be because it allows them to be able to target you in commands. When asked to change your name you must or it will be changed for you, if you change it back you will be kicked and if you continue afterward, given a 1-day ban.

When a staff member is online, do not vote for demotions, vote for kicks, or vote for bans. 

No one can build in spawn tunnels, while there are systems in place to prevent this, building in spawn tunnel can lead to a permanent ban.

Only hobo's and medics can build in the street (medics must build a booth nothing else).

You cannot build in/by the mines, you can only build in your building.

Do not attempt to crash the server, or advertise on the server doing so will result in a permanent ban.

Do not attempt to roleplay when brought into a sit, you are no longer in roleplay when a staff member brings you. You have to deal with the sit first and when returned you can continue your roleplaying.

Do not beg/annoy staff members for money, everyone has to earn it.

Do not beg for staff, if you feel like you are fit for the job then apply here.

Do not abuse text screens, use them for roleplaying purposes.

Putting up a Building sign will make it where no one can raid, kidnap, or mug you while you are in your base. Having a building sign up with entities inside (even if they're not making money) is not allowed, and you MUST remove your sign after building/adding entities.

If someone is threatening you in any way warn them and give them 10 seconds to back away, if they fail to do so you are allowed to kill them. If they come back and start again within the next 30 seconds you are allowed to kill them. ABUSING THIS WILL RESULT IN A 300-second jail and warn.

Being past the second door in PD is AOS or KOSable.

Killing yourself to get out of a roleplay situation will be considered FailRP and you will be given a 180-second jail and a warning.

If you are wanted by police, you are allowed to KOS them if they are trying to arrest you until your warrant runs out.
Fading Door Abuse (e.g. using your door while being raided) is not allowed, doing so will result in a 180-second jail and a warning.

All rules apply to members who are jailed, killing them or harassing them will lead to the punishments previously defined.

Section 3 - Sit Rules

Staff's word is FINAL. If you are in a situation where the staff is abusing, please RECORD and give us VALID evidence.

Do not spam the admin chat "@" with requests, it makes a popup and notifies staff members that you need their assistance. 

Interfering with a staff sit IN ANY WAY is not allowed if you believe that staff is handling situations incorrectly PLEASE report them with VALID evidence.

Section 4 - Prop Abuse

Do not prop climb or prop surf. If you cannot get to an area to base, that most likely means your not supposed to base there.

Do not prop kill players.

Do not prop block, i.e. blocking off an area with no way to get around/in, you will be given a verbal warning / 180-second jail / banned for 1 day.

Do not prop spam, this isn't 2013 gmod, it is very easy to tell if you're trying to crash the server and if caught doing so you will be permanently banned.

Do not abuse the sit feature, i.e. sitting on a prop and having someone precision tool you / driving into someone's base. This will be treated as an exploit.

Placing props in front of cameras to not be seen is not allowed.

Section 5 - Lockdown rules

Civil protection is allowed to arrest anyone outside during a lockdown after 45 seconds.

Having weapons out during a lockdown will be seen as a threat against the government and you will be KOS'd.

All criminal jobs are able to KOS cops during a lockdown.

Section 6a - Base Rules

You can have 4 fading doors.

You are only required to have one entrance, you are allowed to block off all other doorways. 

Your base must be pick-lockable and keypad or key-card crack-able.

You are allowed to have one fading door per printer container and it will not count towards your fading door limit.

You can not have a blackout base, i.e. having a base all one color to disorient raiders and make them unable to raid your base.

You can not stack fading doors.

You can not have portions of your base that require players to crouch or jump.

KOS signs/lines are allowed, but you must own the property you put them on, you do NOT own the sidewalk only the building, and in certain cases the alley beside the building.

All fading doors must have a visible keypad or keycard next to it.

Mazes are not allowed, as it allows for un-raidable bases.

All keypads or keycard scanners must have at least a 3-second activation timer.

In order to base with another player you must be in the same party, and you must both own all the doors in the base.

Unreasonable KOS signs (i.e. KOS signs meant for the pure purpose of killing, like "KOS If I say so!") are not allowed. 

Loitering signs are allowed only for gun dealers, but the sign must be made obvious (cant be in a tiny font/size).

You can not have bases with spastic materials, as it will be considered a lag base.

Section 6b - Megabase Rules

Megabases are bases that block off a district and take over all the buildings contained within.

Megabases MUST follow all of the basing rules.

Megabases cannot have building signs!

Megabases do not have a set limit on the required people that need to be in it, but they all must be in a party, and they must all be the primary owner of a door.

Megabases are allowed to have 6 doors in its primary entrance, plus 4 in every base.

Section 7 - Job rules


Section 8- Advert Rules 

Each advert needs its own bind.
Each advert needs to be clear of its intention, you cannot hide it behind a spoiler.
You must wait for the cooldown between each advert to do the same advert again, failure to do so will be treated as Failure to Wait Advert Cooldown (FWAC).
Raid / Raid Assist- After raiding a base or assisting on a raid, you cannot raid for another 5 minutes. You cannot raid the same player for another 15 minutes.

PD Raid / PD Raid Assist - After PD raiding you cannot raid the PD for another 15 minutes. A PD raid is only meant for getting a friend or party member out of jail. You can only kill PD Members that are in your way of getting to the jail cell. You cannot go onto the second floor while PD raiding.
Mug- After mugging, you cannot mug for another 5 minutes.

Kidnap- After kidnapping, you cannot kidnap for another 5 minutes. You can only hold a player for 7 minutes before having to release them. Suiciding to get out of a kidnap will be considered FailRP. The max you can charge someone for ransom is $5,000.

Warn- There is no cooldown for warns, but your bind must be used 3 seconds apart from each other. If the person runs away and then comes back within 30 seconds then you can continue your last set of warnings, if you already warned them 3 times then you are allowed to kill them. 

Counter- After countering you must wait 3 minutes before being able to counter again.
Over / False-

Section 9 - Exploits 

Lightsaber Exploiting - Attacking someone with your lightsaber through a wall or, putting your lightsaber through a window in order to create a loud noise will count as exploiting. This will result in a 1 week ban and then a Permanent Ban.

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